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Projector Filter Codes

30 Jul 2018

There are many thousands of projector filters av...

AV Cables

30 May 2018

We are a leading UK supplier of a variet...

New Epson and Panasonic Filters

20 Apr 2018

We've added some new Epson and Panasonic Filters ...

March 2018 Epson Filter News

07 Mar 2018

Good News! We have added four new ...

Sanyo Filter 610-346-9034

09 Feb 2018

There is a wide variety of Sanyo Projectors and many of them take...

Hitachi Filters 2018

12 Jan 2018

We’ve just added the ...

Epson Filters & Remote Controls

18 Oct 2017

The ...

New Panasonic Filter, ET-RFV410, Added

06 Sep 2017

Projector Remote Controls

04 Nov 2016

For a long time our customers have been asking us for remote controls for their projectors, so we’re now proud...

Epson Filter Additions August 2016

15 Aug 2016

This month we’ve added a filter for the Epson Powerlite 3010 projector, this takes an...

New Hitachi Filters

05 Jul 2016

New filters have been added to the Hitachi Filter Range. These include the ...

New Sony Filters Just In

15 Jun 2016

We have recently expanded our stock of...

New Filters for May 2016

11 May 2016

We now have the following Sanyo Filters available for these projectors: ...

New Epson Filter Additions April 2016

13 Apr 2016

This month we have added filters for an Epson EH-TW7200 projector...

Differences between Compatible Projector Lamps and Original Manufacturers’ Lamps

04 Apr 2016

There are currently four main projector lamp types available: Manufacturers’ Genuine Original Lamps, Compatibl...

More Sanyo Filters

24 Jan 2016

We have Sanyo Projector Filters for many different Sanyo Projectors and we are adding to the range on a monthly...

Sony Filters

11 Jan 2016


More Hitachi Filters

06 Jan 2016

We have a wide range of Hitachi projector models that we hold stock of filters for and we are adding more models &a...

New Projector Filters

04 Dec 2015

The importance of keeping your ...

Panasonic Filter News

02 Nov 2015

This month we have a couple of new additions to the ...

Epson Filter News.

02 Nov 2015

We've added Epson Filter ELPAF47 (V13H134A47) to our range of ...

Hitachi Projector Filters

13 Oct 2015

We currently supply and stock more than 40 different ...

Sanyo Filters

07 Aug 2015

We currently have the widest range of ...

Christie Filters

29 Jun 2015

We have a vast range of Christie Filters in stock and have recently added filter code 003-002119-01 which fits the f...

Hitachi Filters

28 Apr 2015


Panasonic PT-VW340 series

30 Mar 2015

We've added a brand new Panasonic Filter, ET-RFV300 which fits the Panasonic PT-VW340 projector series. This range i...

Epson Filters Price Reduction

16 Feb 2015

We've just lowered our prices for ...

Viewsonic Filter M00008041 now in stock

17 Jan 2015


New Sanyo Filters Added

30 Nov 2014


Pansonic Projector Filters

27 Oct 2014


New Epson and Hitachi Filters Added

14 Oct 2014


Special Offer: Free Galaxy Tablet

04 Oct 2014


Projector Filters

24 Oct 2012

Many of the new projectors currently on the market now come with far superior filter than was supplied a few years a...

Vivitek Launch Qumi Q5 HD Pocket Projector

05 Sep 2012

The ...


09 Aug 2012

Mitsubishi have just released three new ...

Projectors at the Olympics

08 Jul 2012


Diamond Lamps

08 Jun 2012

As projector lamps have to withstand enormous pressure and massive heat to generate the light output required for pr...

Hitachi's New Wide Screen Projector

16 May 2012

Hitachi's compact and lightweight ...

Projector Lamps from Hitachi

12 Apr 2012

The projector is used all around the world for many different reasons, they are often seen in schools, businesses an...

Looking for a Projector Lamp? Look no further than Simply Lamps

12 Apr 2012

Are you looking for a ...

New Projectors Available

13 Mar 2012

Hitachi CP-RX93 education & business projector. This unit is a compact and light weight portable system and is th...

Beware of Copy Lamps

26 Feb 2012

There are three main types of ...

Replace your Projector Lamp or Upgrade to a New Projector?

04 Feb 2012

If the time has come for you to replace your ...

Sanyo brand to disappear in April 2012

01 Jan 2012

Panasonic plans to eliminate the Sanyo brand name by April 1st and will badge their range of ...

Specialist Scientific & Medical Lamps

05 Dec 2011

Simply Lamps are pleased to announce that, along with their range of replacement projector lamps, they are now suppl...

New range of products at the BETT Show

20 Nov 2011

Simply Lamps will again be exhibiting at BETT 2012 in Olympia, ...
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